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Saco do Mamanguá – Paraty – Rio de Janeiro

Saco do Mamanguá, located in the municipality of Paraty, State of Rio de Janeiro, is the only place in the Brazilian coast with formation similar to the fjords – shallows common in Scandinavian countries. Called by many tropical fjord, is actually an estuary, an ancient valley submerged by an inlet from the sea approximately 1 km wide that extends straight for 8 km until you reach the mangroves from the Bay of Ilha Grande, the natural nursery fish, shellfish, shrimps and molluscs. On its banks we found about 30 permanent beaches and other small beaches that appear at low tide. Surrounded by mountains covered by Atlantic Rainforest, has several tracks, as that leads to Sugarloaf Peak or Mamanguá. Villages caiçaras (fishermen, craftsmen and farmers) still retain some of their traditional customs livelihood. The bag Mamanguá is protected by environmental laws, while being within the Ecological Reserve Joatinga and Environmental Protection Area of Cairuçu. These photos were taken during the National Geographic Experience workshop, offered by the photographer Luciano Candisani and the magazine editor Cristina Veit, and was part of the International Festival of Photography Paraty in Focus 2013.