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Vicente Tomazi
Currently lives in São Paulo, Brazil.

I was born in Londrina – Brazil.  Privileged place of light; Clear sky, orange sunset, Purple-red soil, Place of green valleys and lakes that reflect these beauties.

In this scenario the desire to register rises almost naturally. First with the painting, later with photography. Times of analogue photography. High costs. After living for a while in Curitiba – Brazil, where I studied photography, I returned to my homeland and continued studying as self-learner.

I worked in a laboratory of artistic photos Black & White and at a magazine from a NGO.The interest in nature and the landscapes led me to study Geography. During the course, many travels.The images revealing the places and landscapes.

After graduating, I worked as a salesman, teacher, did specialization in GPS, Master´s degrees in Geography at the University of São Paulo – USP and working in a multinational doing maps for GPS. Here I show some of the result of this relationship with photography, where I bring together my passion for art, pictures, nature, places, people, landscapes and travel. For life.


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